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Update on Soil Stockpile and Construction Site Security 

On February 2, 2024, Palm Desert Country Club residents received a letter from the City regarding a Council decision to declare a stockpile of soil in your community a public nuisance. The stockpile is located in Construction Site B, an empty parcel of land between Kentucky Avenue and California Drive. 

This action by the City Council authorized City staff and the City Attorney to initiate an abatement process if the developer did not remove the soil by February 9. The developer had until that date to file an appeal regarding this Council decision. 

Since our initial letter, there have been several updates regarding the soil stockpile and some recent events at Construction Site A (between Kentucky Avenue and Oklahoma Avenue). The City wanted to send this letter to ensure residents are aware of these matters. 

Soil Stockpile Appeal: 

On January 25, 2024, an Order to Abate was issued by the City and served to the developer at the construction site. On February 1, the developer filed an appeal with the City. Our staff is now actively coordinating to hold a hearing involving all concerned parties, which is tentatively scheduled for March 22. The Hearing Officer will make a decision on the proceedings within fifteen calendar days. The developer will then have up to twenty calendar days to seek a judicial review of the Hearing Officer’s decision in the Superior Court. The results of this hearing and any further updates regarding the soil stockpile will be shared with Palm Desert Country Club residents in a future letter. 

Construction Site Security: 

The City is aware of recent fires in dumpsters at Construction Site A, and we want to assure you that the safety and security of your community is paramount. The Riverside County Fire Marshal is conducting an investigation to determine if any crimes were committed. 

In the meantime, the developer assured City staff that the perimeter of Construction Site A is secured during non-working hours, and they are installing a security camera to monitor for vandalism. Residents can call the developer at 760-668-2000 for any issues at the site or the Riverside County Sheriff if they notice suspicious activity. For emergencies, call 911, and non-emergency matters can be reported to 760-836-3215. 

If you have any immediate questions or concerns regarding the content of this letter, please contact Rosie Lua, Deputy Director of Development Services, at 

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